what is coincidence?

Coincidence is a flexible business framework for a small number of people to work on their own or in groups on projects that interest them. We mostly make games. Many of us worked at Zachtronics at one point or another.

While it may appear these works are developed according to a certain plan or schema, they are not. The human brain is wired to infer causal relationships between events that bear similarity to each other whether or not such causes exist. Therefore, we say these works are developed by Coincidence.


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contact us

Questions? Comments? Find us on Twitter at @CoincidenceTeam or email Zach directly at zach@coincidence.games.

privacy policy

Most of our games collect anonymous usage data, which includes (but is not necessarily limited to) randomly-generated identifiers, in-game settings, and game-specific events. We use this data to improve our games and better understand how players interact with them. We do not collect any personally identifying information.