Add Astra


about the game

You’re the best arithmetech racer on Earth. But what about everywhere else?

Add Astra is a math game about racing, and a racing game about math, developed by Coincidence. We made it for a client to include in their elementary school math curriculum, but they have graciously agreed to also let us release it on Steam.

  • Rev up your math-pod, powered by addition, subtraction, and multiplication!
  • Adjust the difficulty by playing with whole numbers, fractions, or decimals!
  • Master ten tracks across five galaxy-spanning locations!
  • See many, if not most, numbers!


  • Zach Barth
    Keith Holman

    Design, Programming

  • Kyle Steed
    Jonathan Stroh

    Art, Animation

  • Drew Messinger-Michaels
    Music, Sound, Writing

  • Emerson Boatwright