The Lucky Seven


about the game

We were sent on patrol. The squad was depleted, morale in the pits. Then one of our guys exploded. Ambush. Surrounded. Our lucky day. We tried to hold them off and radioed for evac, but the helicopter wouldn’t come unless the landing zone was clear. We had to hold out. We had to survive…

The Lucky Seven is a tactical solitaire game set in an unknown conflict of the 20th century. Like a tactics game, you will move and attack with your squad members to neutralize randomly placed threat cards and keep the situation under control. Like a solitaire game, The Lucky Seven is different every time you play and requires you to look ahead and make the most of your options. Not sure what this means? Read the rules!

NOTE: This is a physical card game that we funded on IndieGoGo in early 2023. At this time we are sold out of physical copies, but you can still purchase the print-and-play version of the game and print your own copy.


  • Zach Barth
    Game Design

  • Jonathan Stroh
    Art and Layout

  • Jay Ackerman
    Additional Design

  • Special Thanks
    Matthew Seiji Burns
    Keith Holman
    Jared Levine