The Lucky Seven


We were sent on patrol. The squad was depleted, morale in the pits. Then one of our guys exploded.



Our lucky day.

We tried to hold them off and radioed for evac, but the helicopter wouldn’t come unless the landing zone was clear.

We had to hold out. We had to survive…

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This is your squad. You decide where they move and what they attack.

These are threats. Your goal is to eliminate them all before the end of the game.

These are map cards. They are used to randomize the starting positions of the squad and indicate the rows and columns of the map grid while the game is in progress.


Starting with the top row, deal out one threat card into each row of the map grid, placing it in the column indicated on the bottom of the card.

IMPORTANT! Each threat card has its own rules that take effect during a specific turn phase listed on the card. Make sure that you follow these rules during the specified turn phase, even if they’re not specifically mentioned in this document.

Wrapping Up

As you deal out the last four threats from the threat deck, a helicopter arrives to help the squad escape. Finish this turn, and then take another turn after that. You will not deal out any threat cards during that final turn.

You win if there are no threats left on the map grid at the end of that final turn.

You lose if there are any threats left on the map grid at the end of that final turn, or if the squad is eliminated before then.